Cadillac Footliters Supporters

Thanks to our supporters who make it all possible.

Season Sponsors - $3000+

Mackinaw Trail Pediatrics

Avon Protection


Ticket and Show Underwriters - $2000

Emington Schultz Farm Bureau Insurance


Musical Underwriters - $1000+

Wolverine Power


Show Underwriters - $500

Cadillac Family Practice

Groupe Beneteau


Premier - $1000+

Joseph Baumann


Angel - $500+

Deborah and Jay Simon 



Producer - $300+


Star - $100+


Sally and Pat Goggin

Dave and Shannon Johnson

Dr. Skip and Melissa Kendall

Jen Neff, Shawn Kadwell, and Mia Kadwell

Drs. Meg and Joe Santangelo

Kraig and Lynn Schutter

Shari Spoelman and Gary VanHouten


Director - $30+

Heidi Pechota

Shelly and Simone Taylor

Julie, Dave, and Grace VanHaitsma


Actor Family

Shelby Garfield, Deborah Garfield, and Jayson Olivera

Dr. Kristin and Michael Hayes

Dr. Brandon and Ami Peltier


Actor Individual

Terry Bartrand

Jenni Kirt

Barbara Sicoli

Kelli Simons

Kayla Sklener

Donna Veddler


Actor Student